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A VCI Stretch Wrap Solution for Corrosion-Prone and Static-Sensitive Packaging Applications

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Stretch film is great for packaging and unitizing loads in almost any industry. However, it can present a challenge when it comes to palletizing electronics or explosives for shipment or warehouse storage. Fortunately, EcoSonic® VpCI® Static Dissipative Stretch Film addresses two critical concerns that may arise.

One problem is that stretch wrap naturally generates static under the pressure and friction of packaging applications. This can have drastic results on static-sensitive electronics or in explosion-prone fertilizer and munitions plants. Another problem for electronics is that even slight temperature fluctuations may cause condensation corrosion on metal components inside the package.

EcoSonic® VpCI® Static Dissipative Stretch Film answers these concerns as a high-performance stretch film with multi-metal Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI/VpCI®) and ESD protection. It eliminates normal stretch film static and can be used instead of costly barrier packaging in some cases. The film is non-hazardous and does not interfere with electrical, optical, or mechanical surface properties.

Some examples of useful applications for EcoSonic® VpCI® Static Dissipative Stretch Film include the following:

• Medical devices sensitive to electrical interference
• Computers and telecommunications equipment
• Laboratory instruments
• Loads of gun powders and finished explosives
• Loads in fertilizer plants where nitrites and nitrates are present
• EV components and e-mobility

Next time you encounter a corrosion prone or static-sensitive warehousing or shipping application, do not despair. Remember that stretch wrapping can continue with even better results than before thanks to EcoSonic® VpCI® Static Dissipative Stretch Film. Contact Cortec® to learn more:

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