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Easy Solutions to Corrosion Problems

Cortec® has flexible solutions for you. VpCI® Technology covers corrosion protection in all phases of the electrical/electronic life cycle: shipping, storage, operation, or maintenance.

To start with, VpCI® Emitters are a great way to protect enclosed spaces. You can stick a VpCI® Emitter Cup into an electrical box—or add VpCI® Emitter Foams, Non-Wovens, or Pouches to a shipment of electronic components! VpCI® Emitters release Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (Cortec’s proprietary VCI technology). These VpCI® molecules form a protective layer on metals inside the enclosed space. VpCI® molecules do not interfere with electronic/electrical operation and do not need to be removed before using the electrical/electronic equipment.

VpCI® Packaging Films & Bags work similarly. Not only do the bags create a physical barrier to corrosive elements—they also release Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that protect the metals packaged inside. For extra protection, ESD additives prevent static damage during shipping and handling.

Need to do electronics maintenance? Keep a container of antistatic Wipes on hand to remove light rust and dust off sensitive electronics without causing ESD damage. Or clean up circuit boards with a quick spray of ElectriCorr™!

You can also apply ElectriCorr™ Sprays when you need a light protective film on contacts, relays, and other control equipment exposed to the open air.

Finally, you can make the environment less corrosive by using Absorbents. These products absorb corrosive moisture or gases that would normally attack your electricals. For maximum protection, combine them with other VpCI® Technologies!

Features & Benefits of VpCI® Technologies for Electronics/Electricals

  • Continuous long-term corrosion protection
  • Antistatic options
  • Economical to apply
  • Effective in polluted and humid atmospheres
  • No interference with electrical, optical, or mechanical surface properties
  • No removal required prior to startup
  • Can commonly be used during equipment operation
  • Space-saving designs suitable for OEM applications
  • Peace of mind during shipping/storage
  • Less frequent maintenance
  • Cost reduction
    • Time
    • Labor
    • Materials

Take Advantage of Cortec® VpCI® Technologies for Electronics/Electricals!

The benefits of corrosion protection are a simple step away. Take advantage of these flexible solutions today by browsing our collection:

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