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From Fledgling Company to Global Enterprise

Cortec® started as a fledgling company at the home of founder and CEO, Boris Miksic, in October 1977. When Cortec® produced its first shipment of 1200 vapor corrosion inhibitor emitters, it would have been difficult to envision subsequent growth into the global enterprise Cortec® has become today. But by persistently addressing the world’s trillion-dollar corrosion problems in a safer, more environmentally responsible, and user-friendly way, Cortec® has revolutionized traditional methods of fighting corrosion and preserving metals across the globe.

Innovative R&D

Through research, testing, and direct knowledge of end user needs, Cortec® R&D continues an ongoing cycle of product discovery and improvement. Cortec’s innovation is evident in the development of over 400 products and the acquisition of more than 60 patents during 40+ years of business. Supporting this successful R&D program is the first ISO/IEC-17025 accredited lab in the industry, an accreditation that also enables Cortec® to provide valuable testing services to its customers. 

Global Distribution Network

Cortec® is seeking to make its wide range of corrosion solutions more accessible through its global network of plants, offices, and distribution facilities. Specialized plants allow Cortec® to produce specific product lines while vertically integrating many products in order to deliver quality corrosion inhibiting options:

  • Time-tested general VpCI® and MCI® Technology products at Cortec® World Headquarters (Minnesota, USA), Cortec® Biotechnology Campus (Florida, USA), and CorteCros® (Croatia)
  • World class VpCI® film at Cortec® Advanced Film Division (Minnesota, USA) and EcoCortec® (Croatia)
  • Innovative recyclable VpCI® paper options at Cortec® Coated Products (Wisconsin, USA)
  • EcoAir® customized spray formulations at Cortec® Spray Technologies (Wisconsin, USA)
  • Cortec® focuses on providing individualized solutions that meet the specific needs of the customer, paired with responsive customer service and a strong record of quick turnarounds and on-time shipments.

Environmentally Responsible Corrosion Solutions

Cortec® continues to grow as a specialty chemical company committed to finding environmentally responsible solutions for its customers—where possible by the use of biodegradable and biobased building blocks—sometimes simply by the very act of preserving valuable electronics and electrical resources by the use of non-hazardous technologies.

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