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Wipes for Electricals & Electronics

Cortec® is the home of the Corwipe® 500, a revolutionary wipe with three functions: cleaning, static dissipation, and corrosion protection. The Corwipe® 500 is designed for both industrial and commercial cleaning applications. It comes in a handy flip top towelette container that is easy to carry around the shop or plant for quick maintenance touchups on a variety of electricals, electronics, and other components:

  • Communications equipment
  • Computer data storage devices
  • Computer monitors and keyboards, TV screens, equalizers, stereo speakers, etc.
  • PCBs and terminal blocks
  • Power connections and audio connectors
  • Other static sensitive equipment

Corwipe® 500

Strong non-woven wipes for cleaning electronics.

  • Antistatic
  • Removes light rust
  • Inhibits corrosion