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Safeguard Your Electronics & Electricals With ELECTRICORR®

Our lives depend on electronics and electricals more and more all the time. We know all too well that an interruption in service can easily ruin our day. But many of us do not think about how corrosion can play a part in causing premature equipment failure.

Corrosion can happen at any stage in the electronic/electrical life cycle: manufacturing, shipping, storage, or operation. The risk is higher in harsh indoor or outdoor environments. Fluctuating humidity, corrosive gases, and high chlorides all combine to make matters worse. Fortunately, many problems can be prevented by the proper use of Cortec® VpCI® Technology.

Why Use Cortec® VpCI® Technologies?

peace of mind

You do not have to worry that your next shipment of PCBs will be damaged on its ocean voyage. You can help your electronics make the journey corrosion free! You do not have to make yourself wonder if you will have to replace the electrical contacts on your digital sign early. Use the right tools to protect them now so you can delay repair.

easy application

Cortec® VpCI® Technologies are incredibly easy to use. Sometimes all you need to do is place a PCB in a VpCI® ESD bag or stick a VpCI® Emitter inside an electrical control box and close the door. You don’t have to remove any special coatings before starting the equipment. You can even use many VpCI® products while the equipment is operating.

cost reduction

One major goal of corrosion protection is lower overall costs. With Cortec® VpCI®, you can cut down on new product returns and rust claims, thus saving precious time, money, and patience. You can also enjoy the benefits of fewer repairs and less downtime on operating equipment.

Who Needs Cortec® VpCI® Technologies?

If you are a manufacturer, shipping specialist, maintenance team member, or part of a layup/preservation crew, Cortec® VpCI® Technologies are for you.

During the first stage of the electrical/electronic life cycle, you will need to make sure your products arrive flawless at their destination, regardless of shipping conditions. After installation, many electrical/electronic components will be in a permanently corrosive environment. You may need to protect digital signs, HMI panels, and marine navigation equipment against premature failure. When long-term layup time rolls around, you will need a way to keep electrical/electronic components corrosion free so they can be used later on short notice. Whoever you are, whatever your situation, Cortec® VpCI® Technologies will help you safeguard your electronics and electricals in these diverse conditions.

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