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NEWS ALERT: ESD Symposium Reinforces Cortec® Trajectory in ESD Industry

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It was great to return to the annual EOS/ESD Symposium, held October 1st-6th in Riverside, California. This marked the 45th year of an event which draws a dedicated following of ESD experts—some of whom have participated for more than four decades. Still a relatively new face at the small but tight-knit show, Cortec® drew plenty of attention from ESD managers in electronics and aerospace who were interested in learning more about the concept of ESD packaging combined with corrosion protection. The symposium was also a good opportunity for our team to learn more about the industry and get a better vision for the future of ESD/VpCI® packaging.

Mike Gabor (VP Sales ENA) and Pavlo Solntsev (R&D Laboratory Manager), who staffed the Cortec® booth, especially noticed an interest in sustainable solutions for the ESD market and directed attention to possibilities such as EcoSonic® ESD paper technology. Our team also had the chance to get a better grasp on what is currently available in the world of ESD packaging, noting a clear hierarchy of pink poly (first generation), blue permanent ESD (second generation), and ESD shielding (third generation) bags. This underscored Cortec’s position on the cutting edge of ESD/VpCI® packaging, since Desco, a manufacturer and distributor of static control products, was present at the show sharing their new co-branded version of permanent ESD bags with Cortec® VpCI® Technology. Most recently, Desco and Cortec® have been working together to take ESD/VpCI® packaging to the next level by combining VpCI® with static shielding technology for the ultimate protection of sensitive components. Another highlight of the show was the opportunity for our lab manager to do hands-on learning with ESD testing equipment from the same two companies that make the ESD testing equipment found at our Cortec® Advanced Films division in Cambridge, Minnesota.

This is still just the beginning of Cortec’s impact on the world of ESD packaging. Our time at the EOS/ ESD Symposium reinforced what we are doing and will inform our vision for making ESD/VpCI® packaging an industry standard and discovering even more ESD/VpCI® solutions in the future. Contact us with your ESD/VpCI® packaging questions!

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