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NEWS ALERT: Game on! Avoiding Corrosion and Static Damage on Electronic Gaming and PC Components

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With the increasing popularity of the multibillion-dollar gaming industry and recent growth in the PC market, there is no question that electronics are in high demand. A shortage of computer chips makes it all the more important to keep limited supplies undamaged by static and corrosion. Cortec’s EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 Static Dissipative Film & Bags can help as a two-in-one packaging solution to these dual dangers for electronics gaming and PC components.

Static Protection
EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 Static Dissipative Film & Bags are designed to protect components from electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can damage static sensitive pieces at a tiny fraction of the voltage needed for humans to feel a shock. ESD protection is important when moving components around the assembly floor, handling them for shipment, or storing them long-term.

Corrosion Protection
In addition to ESD protection, EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 Static Dissipative Film & Bags also offer protection against corrosion on the multiple metal types—such as steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and solder—that may be found in different electronic components. Corrosion protection is especially critical when shipping electronics through uncontrolled environments exposed to fluctuating temperatures, humidity, or other corrosive elements.

There are many types of gaming and computer components where the dual protection of EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 Static Dissipative Film & Bags can come in handy:

• Solid state drives (SSDs)
• Hard disk drives (HDDs)
• Graphic processor units (GPUs)
• Central processing units (CPUs)
• Motherboards
• Integrated circuitry
• PCBs
• And more!

Game on!
With electronics in high demand for gaming, computers, and many other industries, now is the time more than ever to protect components from the damaging effects of static and corrosion damage and minimize these two unnecessary interruptions to the supply chain. Contact us to get started:

Learn more about EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 Static Dissipative Film & Bags here:

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